Monday, July 22, 2013

Way Up North

Before we could leave Denali there was work to do.  Al's always fiddling with some important tool.

We did made one more stop in the park to see the sled dogs, who are put to work by the rangers to haul supplies in and out of the park.  Motorized vehicles are only allowed on the one road, which doesn't access much of the huge area, so the dogs are important, and seem to love their jobs.

This one is patiently waiting his turn to work.  The minute the mushers brought out the harness every dog began jumping and barking - "Take me, take me, take me!" 

A whole 'nother way to RV. 

It rained most of the time we were on the gravel construction road and was kind of
fascinating to watch the mud accumulate and run down that big hip.

Mr. Clean set right to work. 

Now we're in Fairbanks for a few days, the most Northern destination of our itinerary.
We're just a couple hundred miles from the Arctic Circle -
for around $400 per person we could fly there to get a certificate of accomplishment.
  Or not. 
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