Saturday, February 21, 2015

We stayed too long at the fair

 But first we had breakfast pizza and steak benedict for nourishment.

 And stopped at the former Royal Date Gardens in Indio, which is now gone, but a great Mexican restaurant has taken over and expanded the old gift shop. 
 You know, where Al used to pit dates when he was a little kid.

 Here was the motel . . . . .

 Three Amigos.

I found me a new guy.  Too bad he's chained to the hoosegow tree, probably for drunk and disorderly conduct.  I'm sure I could change his ways.

Now we're in Poway/San Diego and having a grand time with Jackie and Rob.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where is the fog?

Here we are in La Quinta/Indio, where everything new and luxurious, with green grass and palm trees/  But it's the dessert and it's already predicted to be 90 today.  Oh, yeah, it's a dry heat.  Hmm. But I looked at the weather almost everywhere else in America and decided not to whine about the heat. Well, right after this.

 Don't ever go through, or even near, Bakersfield without stopping at Dewar's.  They make multiple flavors of taffy, chocolates, and ice cream, maybe the best of all time.  At least in the top five.
  So I've been told.  

 It's really, really hard to see, but right above the sagebrush (or whatever those fluffy-looking plants are) is a little line of white dots.  That is one of the Mojave airplane graveyards.  Ordinary people aren't allowed to get close to it, so just use your imagination. Or look on google images for better shots. Think of all the adventures each of them have been on, all the places they have seen, 
all the people they have carried, the stories they can tell. 
 Listen carefully.  One of the stories might be yours.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Under the Sea

It's mesmerizing to watch this little school of fish  as they swim 'round and 'round, changing the shape of the group with each turn.  How do they know?  Who is the leader? 

 In case you were wondering where we were.

This is in Salinas, right outside the rodeo.  
I looked for the cowboy big enough to wear this hat, but no luck.

Now we're going to Palm Springs/Indio/La Quinta.  Before it gets too hot.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Did J'Eat Yet?

 The basket of popovers arrived full, but I immediately needed enough sustenance to snap the picture.

 How many shots of fish 'n' chips have we shared?

 And french dip?

 Look, just look, how clever my hubby is.  This is the new wine list,
 featuring the amazing domestic wines that only the West Coast can produce.  

 OMG!  Should I go back for these beaded numbers?  They would be perfect in the laundry room at the RV Park and are just my size.  If only they didn't have the huge platform, the medallion, and the $200 price tag.  Sorry.  I couldn't help sharing.

Just like Mom used to make.

See the windmill?  We got married at the base of it, among the mums. 
That was fun. Let's say it again.  Among the mums. 

I'm off to lunch now.