Saturday, June 13, 2015

Not Every Day

 So there I was, a normal Saturday afternoon, working away at the sewing machine, when I glanced out the window and there were two gorgeous peacocks!  Just wandering through our yard.  By the time I crept (I know, just imagine that) quietly inside to get the camera, they had ventured onto the rarely used front deck, then wandered off next door and to points beyond.  Now where, I ask you, where would two peacocks come from and where are they going?  I just had to share them with you.

What I did this week

 Nice blue denim cushion on one of the sunroom benches that Honeyhubby built, right?

 This is how it looked a couple of hours ago. 

A huge pile of jeans, cut apart and randomly put back together wherever the pieces fit.

 It was impossible, really -  impossible to jam the unwieldy piece of high-density foam into the finished cover so I wrapped it with a garbage bag and fiddled and finagled until it slid in there nicely. 
 Clever, ain't I?  

Oh, so country cute.  

Wouldn't the Grandmas be proud of the upcycling?  
Now for the zippers, pockets, seams, hems, and waistbands.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What is bustin' out?

It's June, June, June!  And if I keep gaining weight, I'll be bustin' out of everything.  But we've been having so much fun wining and dining and attending plays, concerts, performances.  It's the season when the high school kids (and others) are eager to show off their accomplishments before they move on so we're taking advantage of their willingness to share all that talent. There are seven events this week - lots of amazing and enthusiastic people on the North Olympic Peninsula.  Whew.

 Teri and Willie came to visit so there was a burger contest.  Both got shiny clean plates.

 The buckets got cleaned and ready for another season,

 The peonies came and went in magnificent style,

 The rose bush continually amazes, 

And I didn't want the leftover whipping cream to sit in the refrigerator for months (like it usually does) so churned butter.   Followed by putting the back to my hand to my forehead and sighing with exhaustion.   Oh, the demands of country life!