Friday, July 5, 2013

May The Fourth Be With You

We've had a couple days of getting from Tok to Anchorage and didn't have wi-fi deep in the mountains.  There was a lot of road construction to delay us and where they weren't working on the road, they should have been.  Here's some of what we saw, not necessarily in order.
The Matanuska Glacier.

Reindeer sausage in Palmer.  I hope it wasn't Dancer or Prancer. 

The parade in Wasilla.

Let's hear it for the girl!

The view from our RV on Wednesday.  (I told you they weren't in order.)

Fireworks in Anchorage at about 12:15, so technically July 5,  but it wasn't dark enough until then.
Our vantage point was kind of far away, but because of it we were able to make a quick get-away and not get stuck in the going-home traffic.
Now we're with Teri and Willie and will have family fun for a couple of weeks before they have to go back to San Francisco. 
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  1. I never realized that you didn't have to hike for a week into the wilderness to see great sights. I should buy an RV. No, I'll just borrow brother Bob's when he realizes it's too scary to drive. Happy Fourth, but it would be happier with a fifth, I guess. ...cuz Rick

  2. I do believe I see our spirits still hanging around those areas from our adventures there in 2005. BTW. I'm still not over it. Hugs