Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's been quiet

And I like it that way.  All that travel action wore me out, along with the fact that it really is Paradise in Sequim, so while most of you have been dealing with unbearable heat, we've been hovering in the 60s, sometimes way up to the 70s.  OMG, as the kids say.  I know, it's rude of me to mention it.  

Here's a little bit of the goings-on, but even I would be bored to tell you about the days of Al in the garden, me in the Patch, surreptitiously  avoiding the housework.  A nice part of getting older is the ability to not care if there is dust in the corners or crumbs under the table.  Erma Bombeck is channeling herself through me these days.  Just close the curtains, dim the lights, ignore the vacuum and pour another glass of wine.  A bit of really dark chocolate enhances the pleasure, of course.

 June 30 was the last legal day to burn so Al had a little bit of fun.  Sorry I didn't get there when the pile of weeds was enormous.  Fascinating how much smoke is created from a bunch of dried stuff.  I was hoping to see a fireman or two, but no such luck.

My new favorite Fourth of July activity with the City Band playing in the park, all patriotic and enthusiastic.  Last year a couple of Eagles soared over during one of the marches, but this year they must have been teaching the babies how to venture forth from the nest.  Or they didn't get the memo.

Lily came across the alley to work on a quilt for her soon-to-be new baby sister.  She's doing a super job and next time you'll see it finished.  Did the inventor of flannel ask herself just how much dust could be created with it?  Was that the goal or was the snuggle factor more important?  

The view from our front porch at 9:30 last night.