Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Great One

Denali is the Athabascan name for the impressive Mt. McKinley, which is nearly four miles high! 
The National Park is about the same size as New Hampshire, Vermont, or Massachusetts and is home to about 2,000 caribou and 2,000 moose, among hundreds of other animals.  Our eight-hour bus trip to the Eielson Visitor Center (where the view is the best) gave us sightings of two caribou, two bears, a dozen mountain sheep, a ptarmigan family, and marmot.   

Here was our view of the mountain today.  They say the chance of seeing it is about 30% so at least we are in the majority.  Disappointing, but it's a gorgeous park, even in the rain and fog.
Maybe we'll see it next time.

The wildlife sightings were all too far away to get good shots but it was still fun to
see them out in the wild where they belong.

Tomorrow we move to Fairbanks so might have a better connection and I can tell you more.   
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