Monday, February 1, 2021


 Well, doesn't time in lock-down go quickly?  
   You're gonna be sorry because there was all that free time to fill so here comes way too much show and tell.  Look at me, look at me!  

The garden didn't seem to notice covid and kept growing.  Tons of lavender from 40-some plants so there were weeks of wand and sachet making, but you have seen those in years past, so no need to bore you too much with that again.  

Al has been gardening, reading, digging, working on many projects, then decided that we needed a cistern.  Yes, you heard me.  A cistern, in case of emergency water needs and to increase the water pressure so we went to Oregon and hauled this thing home.  I kept waiting for a cop to pull us over to ask what the heck that thing is.  It's all built into a nice big box now so not much to see here,  move on.

In October the Petri siblings went to Houston to celebrate Julie's birthday and air travel was almost pleasant with so few renegades out and about.   All the good pictures are on somebody else's phone so just imagine the fun we had.

After two years I finally got to the grandson's rugby shirt quilts.  Kind of like a puzzle, but it was fun.

Then Jeane sent me a Pendleton shirt challenge.  Nine shirts became nine pillows.  This is before the puffy inserts but you get the idea.  It's a wonderful way to remember John and learn a new technique.

The motto of the Patch is Never Throw Anything Away, so some of the scraps became other pillows.

Way back at the end of 2000 there was a painted needlepoint canvas leftover in the sale bin and it jumped in my hand, then spent 20 years languishing in the stash.  Finally I figured out how to change it to 2020, duplicated it for each grandson and here we are. 

Then 2020 turned into what we all know today so something had to be done to commemorate the craziness.  Every day was more interesting as I designed this little guy to remind us of some of the bizarre happenings.  There may have been wine involved.  Well, I needed the corks. 

2020 survival kit in a Costco cart. 

Okay, moving on to my first experience with random cable knitting.  One of the most interesting projects all year, at least to my tiny brain.  No pattern, just twist whenever the mood strikes.  Even the back looks pretty good.  I'm hooked. 

New Year's Eve in Port Townsend with three other RV couples.  Except for the wind, and I do mean wind, it was really fun.  Happy New Year!  

Al cut back his successful artichoke plants.  No, no!  Don't compost those.  Let me cut them into little pieces and cook them down to practically nothing.  Kind of like spinach, but you wouldn't want to eat this stuff.  

Now it's a dye bath!  

Look!  Look what beautiful yarn it made.  What should I make? 

Never Throw Anything Away, Part 73
Selvedges become chair and sewing machine cover.  
I'll be so good in the loony bin.

Oh, and one more thing. . . . . .
 Silk tie scraps become a Cancer Cure doll for a friend too far away for up close and personal hugging.  

Aren't you sick of me?  I am.
Happy New Year, Happy Vaccination, Happy Everything!