Monday, October 29, 2018

A tisket, a tasket

Somehow the light caught these spider webs just right to make me think that angel spiders visited.  Are there angel spiders?  Apparently.  But they were gone a couple hours later so I found them just in time, I found them just in time.  They changed my lonely life that lovely day.  

Look at these funny things.  Hardy kiwi, aka kiwi berry, grape kiwi, cocktail kiwi.  Cocktail?  Did somebody say cocktail?  Well, they grow on a trellis in our back yard and are really yummy.  Come pick all you want.

Remember the corn Al planted on the Fourth of July?  Well, The Corn Is Green.  Literally.  There is quite a bit so it's too bad that we don't have pigs to eat it.  It just didn't ever get hot enough to make it plump and yellow and tasty.  Too bad because he tended it so diligently, weeding and watering

This is my harvest from about a week ago.  The strawberries are finished now, but the raspberries must be on their third or fourth crop.  It's not raining  now so I'll take my little green and yellow basket and pick a few.  Bye.