Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Flowers

Sequim has only had about 5" of rain since January 1, but enough to make blossoms pop out everywhere.  I know that all the world is gorgeous now, but it stuns me every year. 
 I know, slow learner.  Or grateful observer.  You decide.

 The peonies are almost here.  Stay tuned.

 Too bad the dandelions are so hated because they sure look cheerful.  
How many do you think will be produced from this crop?  A million?  A billion?
It's across the street, so it's pretty likely a lot of the seeds will float over to our yard.  
Or yours. 

 We had eight scraggly trees cut down yesterday.  In two hours! 
 Bring four strong men, one lift thingy truck, one sturdy chipper and let 'er rip.  

 So that's your friend there in the chipper?

 Al is thrilled to have another load of his very own wood chips.  What a strange guy.  It once again smells like dead Christmas around here.

None of it seems to bother the deer.  Hey, that's my hedge!