Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So much mundane news

Well, it seems like every day has been lickety-split flying by but in an entertaining way.  Al has taken on the project of removing a ton of grass/sod from the front yard, under the pretext that it will be less to mow.  That requires loads and loads of rock to fill in the spaces that are now just a dirt factory.  Apparently the plan is to eventually get lots of plants but I don't see any trips to the nursery just yet.  Hmmm.  So apparently my job is to vacuum while I wait for the dust to settle.  Or just ignore it.

 He's so pleased with himself.

 Pat and Rhett visited the Chihuly Garden with us, 
Who could ever tire of it?

 We had some great meals,  which included salmon with goat cheese and blueberries.

Then waved good-bye.  No, stay longer!

Should everybody have a farmer like this around the house? 
Have you ever seen a guy prouder of a few peas in a bucket garden?
I have a picture of him in the same overalls in Petaluma, maybe in 1992. 
 Nobody can say Al doesn't get his money's worth from his fashionable wardrobe. 


 The apples are coming along like gangbusters.  See how the branches had to be propped up to prevent collapse.  These belong to the neighbor but he's a nice guy and we can reach them from our side of the fence.  Oops, one just fell into my hand.

 Here's a huge surprise.  We have a cherry tree that didn't bloom last year, so we didn't even know it was there, but look at it now.  Most of them are too high to reach even with a tall ladder but those we can capture are yummy.  The birds seem to be pleased with the higher crop.  If only we could train them to pick them and drop them in my basket.  They would probably just feed them to the deer.