Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kee Nigh

Okay, I'm really annoyed because we have had wi-fi in the RV parks but it's so very bad way out here on the very edge of the continent that it takes about three hours for it to load, and then it falls right off, so here is a  quick and condensed version of the very long and informative post that went off into cyberspace,
 never to be seen again.

 Teri and Willie climbed a big hill in Anchorage.  So did Al, but I took advantage of the miracle of modern Kindle at the bottom of the very same hill.

Cousins Ronn and Carole were gracious hosts at a dinner on Saturday night and we miraculously ran into them at a scenic turn-out on the way to Kenai.  Isn't that a wonderful coincidence?

We stopped for brunch, of course and you can see that Willie hated the chocolate cake.
Now we're in Kenai, right smack on the water with an amazing view.  I'll be back to post when I can.
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  1. I climbed that big hill two times in 2005, so the extra time was paying it forward for you, Pat. Who knew?