Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another year goes

 We celebrated Christmas across the pond in Victoria.  It's only 20 miles as the crow flies, but that puny crow couldn't carry both of us at the same time so we took the ferry.  It's tradition to have tea at Murchie's and I'm all about tradition.  Or is it that I'm all about ignoring tradition?  I forget.

The British Columbia Legislature Building gets dolled up for the holidays.

 Al aka Dick Button near the skating rink.  One little word (near not on) changes things so.

 The Gardens are decorated with the Twelve Days of Christmas, presented to you in no particular order.   Here are the ten lords (frog princes) a-leaping from behind the hedge.
Too bad that most of my evening shots can't possibly do justice to the stunning light show and the glory of the gardens by night.  You'll just have to go there yourself.

 Pipers Piping.

 Three French Hens.

 The sunken garden.

 Maids a-milking

 Ladies Dancing

Geese a-laying

 I couldn't leave you without food highlights.

Now let's all go clean up the Christmas leftovers, pack away the decorations, and get ready to welcome 2017.  May all your dreams be pleasant and all your wishes come true.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 A field just down the road a piece seems to be a stopping spot for a flock of trumpeter swans.  They are lovely, but we haven't been lucky enough to hear their songs.  The only music we've enjoyed has been from the high school holiday concerts and Celtic Christmas, which was pretty fun.  How can those girls move their Irish feet so quickly?  I can barely hobble to the cookie jar and they are dancing circles around the stage.  Without moving their arms.  Amazing.

 Of course, it's all about the food.  

We had another snowstorm.  I hope Santa won't be hindered by it.

May all your Christmas dreams come true.  All of them.   

Friday, December 9, 2016

Baby, It's a little bit cold outside

Hard to complain about temps in the upper 20s and low 30s when we look at the rest of the country.  The 347 snowflakes we saw last night barely count, but there actually was a little bit that lingered in other parts of town.

Hardly worth mentioning, but here it is.

 Al finished the ironing table.  It's grand!  I can get one entire width of fabric in one shot.  No fiddling with that narrow pointy old board.  Bring your tablecloths and come on over.

 This is what December in Sequim looks like.

We got a Christmas tree.  Will I have the energy to decorate it?
  It might require a party to have friends help with the lights.

And I hope you are all enjoying whatever holiday festivities and joy comes your way!