Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hot potato

 Al dug up a few potatoes and was pleased with his harvest, even though some of them were a little bit distorted.  They tasted fine,  just fine.    

Aren't these pretty?  There weren't enough to share, but they look so handsome.

The sad news.  A huge wind whipped around us for hours and hours,
causing the flag to suffer a broken collarbone.  It might be out for the season.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


 Where have I been?  I would tell you if I knew, but suddenly the time had flown by and here we are.  There was a quick weekend trip to Portland to visit Giano, Gary and Helen came to visit, then Al went back to Portland with Homer, leaving me home alone.  Oh, poor me!  Endless hours of quiet - what a calamity.  Poor, poor me.  I don't even have any good garden shots to share.  What a dolt I am turning into.  Or have I always been a dolt?  Don't answer that.  

 We did go to Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is just as gorgeous the hundred and nineteenth time, so I'll give you a bit of that and promise to be more interesting next post.  Really. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Canadian Rockies

 Just a bunch of Canada beauty.  They are celebrating their 150th anniversary, doncha know. 

 Come on, people, don't I deserve a whole city?  At least a village, but, okay, let's  start with a street. 
 And a plaza. 

There is always a party, this time at our RV site in Jasper  National Park.  
Teri, Julie, Al, Robert, Willie.

 Then we got visitors.

Like good Canadians, most of them waited until we had tidied up our space.  The most I saw in one spot was nine, but there seemed to be dozens, wandering freely all around the park, apparently not bothered one little bit by all the people.  Food will do that.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A little update

We're now all the way to Banff but I'll be showing you the journey later when I have a stronger connection.  To tide you over, here is proof that Al is Al at every Costco in the world.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

North again

We hauled Homer to the SEA airport to pick up Teri and Willie.  That's an interesting experience.  Have you ever seen RV parking at Arrivals?  
Lunch in Everson - doesn't it look like the entire city was waiting for us and saved a huge parking space right in front of City Hall?  Obviously they know who we are.

Back to Canada, but this time the border crossing was easy.  The officer even complimented Al on knowing the routine so well.  Thank you.

There are 126 wild fires burning in British Columbia.  126!  With heavy smoke everywhere, even in Sequim.  finally, just before Kamloops, it cleared, but the people tell us it's the first time in a month, so our timing is good.

It was amazing to see just where the smoke gave way to clear blue skies.  Yes, that is the sun, working so hard to cast a few rays. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Art E. Choke

 It's almost like being in Castroville for the first harvest. They were so big and fresh and tender. 
 How often do you get to scrape your teeth across a thistle that was plucked off the stalk less than an hour ago?  And who was the first fella who thought it would be a good idea to eat this? 

Be sure to admire my blue jean valance in the background.  

Laying pipe -  if you know what I mean. (And I think you do.)

Al truly is amazed by the various cultural options available to us in Sequim. 
 This is how he enjoys Tuesday night music in the park.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I dig it, Baby

Al is trying to find the water line that goes from near the garage to the road, so he can add water to Rhode Island (those aggressively-pruned things are indeed rhododendrons), but the only way is to dig a ditch until he hits the pipe.  I suggested renting a small backhoe, but you can imagine what response I got.  So away he goes. 

He's getting pretty good at it.  Call if you need his services. 

Lily and I worked on a project involving Sharpies, 91% isopropyl alcohol and ceramic tiles. 

You know you want to try it.  Just search for "Sharpie art ceramic tiles" and find out how fascinating it is.  We both want to do more because we learned a lot from our first attempt.  

The first harvest.  Very tender and tasty.  Almost didn't need butter.  Almost. 

 This is all one ancient lavender plant.  The thing just keeps going, even though they say to replace them every 15 or so years.

Its backside is so wonderfully gnarly.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dilly Dilly

 It was Lavender Weekend and, as any self-respecting town which likes to claim even a tiny bit of Scottish heritage (some of the first settlers were from Scotland, ya know) the ceremonies must open with a bagpiper.  Sorry the picture isn't better.  That banner proclaims "Lavenderstock" because it was non-stop music groups for three days.  No rain, no mud, but there might have been a few doped kids wandering among the crowds. Most people were high on the calming scent of lavender everywhere.

No, our very own lavender isn't this big, but one of the nearby farms was busy.

Lily and Svea and I got stuck in the Perler bead craze and wonder how long the jar of 22,000 might keep us busy.  Wanna come play? 

At last!  Controls!