Saturday, November 19, 2022

The hits just keep on coming

There was so much fabric in that wedding dress that something had to be done.  Ornaments, of course.  And no-fuss pocket scarves.  Now Art and Lois can go to all the parties.

Annual ornaments for the grandsons with their family tartan.

Who doesn't need a bib for formal night?

The carrot patch just gets more and more interesting.  What would Peter Rabbit do with this?

Sequim in November is amazing.  This popped out after the snow.  

Those yellow roses are still going strong, too. 

 In spite of the thermometer registering 22 this morning.  Granny would be searching for her snuggies. 

Stay warm and cozy and enjoy whatever festivities this season tosses your way. 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Fall Back

 Did you change your clocks?  What did you do with that extra hour? 

 I baked popovers.  You bring the butter. 

Now look at what Al harvested from his garden.  Maybe he should open a roadside stand.  Hmmm.

I don't have words just now.  

Al spent the last couple of months painting the house.  By hand.  By himself. 

I tried to get the mountains in the background but that just didn't work without a big fancy schmancy camera.  Use your imagination. 

That's all for now.  Enjoy whatever joys autumn brings you. 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Dear Summer, Where did you go?

 And now it's over, at least on the calendar.  We are in that perfectly balanced  time of the year when the day is 12 hours and the night is 12 hours, the crispness of fall will morph into the winds of winter and then it will all begin again with flowers poking through all of Al's mulch and birds looking for the perfect real estate to build their homes.  

This is what has been happening around here - 

Al got too skinny (he's not the man I married 36 years ago, that guy was really cuddly, but he does want you to see his newly remodeled work pants.  This time I sewed the patches on before he wears through.  Do you love the cell phone pocket on the inside-out shirt?  I just do what I'm told.

The wasps love Sequim, too, even under the RV slide. 

This might need explanation.  He trimmed the Mugo pines but wants the needles for mulch, so patiently pulled them off the branches.  It took many hours over many days.  He called it his needlework.

This required a new Cuisinart with a powerful grating ability. 

 Cake is in the freezer but those zucchini just keep on coming.

My favorite phase of hydrangea, when the pink or blue wander into the green family

                                             Lots and lots of birds on a wire, making their own kind of music.

The painting project has begun.  All by himself, all by hand. 
 Those new pants now have paint stories to tell.  

Between other projects I have been knitting scarves for soldiers stationed far from home. It's been fun to see what each one is going to become and wondering who it will keep warm.  
God bless America!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Half way through 2022

 Not much to report except gardening.  Nothing exceptional, but still miraculous every time.

                                             These poppies weren't planted but just appeared.

I'll let you know how the tomatoes in buckets grow in the Al-made hothouse.  So far, so good.

Come on in and set a spell.