Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Pipeline to Santa

Today we went to North Pole, Alaska. 
Not THE North Pole, but a small town near Fairbanks where Santa is king every day.
  The Post Office really delivers every letter to Santa right here and
local volunteers help him answer each and every one!

There is a display of several outstanding letters.
Apparently Gavin's parents haven't yet gotten to the lessons about greed.
  Maybe because he has a computer and printer.  

Santa even likes Old Fat Broads.

Comet and Blitzen

Then we went a few more miles to see a section of the Alaska Pipeline. 
Please forgive me for photographing all these statistics so I wouldn't have to type them. 

Tomorrow we leave Fairbanks, the most Northern point of our trip, and will begin a month-long journey back to the US.  We'll be in Canada, mostly in small towns, and know from previous experience that it might not always be easy to get a good wi-fi connection, even with the fancy tools we pay extra for, but that's just the way it is.  So don't be flummoxed if I'm not around very often.

This also means that from now on it will be a bit darker.  The Fairbanks weather report tells how many hours and minutes of daylight there are each day.  Today is nineteen hours and three minutes.  Tomorrow will be six minutes and fifty-nine seconds less. 
Good-night, Sun!
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