Monday, September 9, 2019

Did'ya miss me?

So much to report but here is at least get started.  The end of June we hitched up our wagon  RV and high tailed it out of San Francisco.  It was a long and challenging year, (with so many good things mixed in) so the tail was kind of dragging, but you know what I mean.  

The restaurant is once again officially part of the past (except for the apparently endless paperwork Al is dealing with this very minute) and we are settled back in Sequim.  Weeds galore, but also amazing flowers.  Do you care about seeing any of them?  If not, please avert your eyes now, because I'm going to put them here anyway. 

This is the result of not picking an artichoke so it becomes the thistle it was intended to be.  Who was the first person who thought to cook and eat such a thing?
 Nothing a pound of butter can't fix, as Bonnie used to say.

And the lavender, oh, the lavender.  We now have forty-four glorious bushes, 
more than needed to  weave into wands or stuff into sachets.  

The bees hard at work provided a perfect excuse to avoid pruning.  Look very closely.  

Bay leaves for the taking.

Try to control your jealousy when you see my garden getup. It's hard to identify in this shot but the shiny rubber boots make up for the knee pads.  Let's pretend they are patent leather and fixin' to attend a high falutin' garden gala in a designer fancy dress, the result of merging two crappy sweatshirts in an effort to keep my ample butt covered when bending to the weeds. 
 I have more pockets than you do. 

Life is much better when Patch time arrives.  A most favorite and special project was working with Rhett's ties.  He was smiling the whole time, you can be sure of it.

Okay,  enough for now.  I'm worn out, aren't you?  

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Too much to tell

Yes, we - mostly Al - have been spending time in San Francisco.  Lucky we didn't sell Homer the RV because it has become his home away from home while working to revive the restaurant.  There is a really long story and the future is an undetermined work in progress.  Stay tuned.  

 A trip to San Francisco . . . .

In the meantime, I can show you what kept me busy while he was working.

To commemorate our trip to Chicago . . .

A 21st birthday . . . .

a high school graduation . . .

A fabulous snowstorm in Sequim. . . . . .
  Two to four feet, depending what part of town was measured.  A huge drift in front of the garage kept me snowbound for six glorious days!  I had enough food, wine, chocolate and yarn to keep me happy.  My Wisconsin snow shoveling skills served me well to get to and from the Patch.  It would have been even better with Al at home. But he would have gone out there and shoveled away that darn drift and spoiled the fun. 

And needlepoint to keep me busy . . . 

One for Paulette. 

 One for me.

Can spring be far behind?