Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rainbows and Icicles and Yellow Roses

 This is what we saw on Thursday from the front porch while Julie, Robert and I were waiting for 
Barney Crocker to prepare our Thanksgiving feast.
 Not often that there is a full end-to-end rainbow.  This looks like the pot of gold might be in the bed of Tom Dually, but, alas, it really is in Dungeness Bay, probably in an abandoned crab pot.  

This is Saturday morning.  Looks like a twangy country western song waiting in the wings.  Something about my love froze on the branch and my heart turned to ice. 
 I'll get back to you on that as soon as my fiddle gets tuned.
 Out here so close to the water we have that sharp icy and snow, but seven miles away in town it was about two inches of fluffy playful snow.  The mountains look gorgeous with their new hats, but the roads are very slippery.  Beware the black ice.  

How lucky I am to have a warm and cozy Packer sideline jacket 
for my trek don the driveway for the morning paper.  Thank you, Nicole. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tied Up In A Yarn

 It's truly Paradise.  The pot of gold appeared to be right over the pasture down the road. 
Probably disguised as a cow pie. 

 Yes, I know that I haven't been keeping up with the news.  Mostly because there hasn't been much and everyday life isn't as exciting for you to hear about as it is for us to live. 
 Well, unless your life is really, really dull. 
 There are the makings of a Quilt of Valor, which my friend Issie is teaching me to make for a vet.  I have so much to learn about accurate piecing and proper pressing.  It makes me appreciate even more the people who can perfectly match every little seam every time.

I have managed to clean out quite a bit of the yarn stash and get a few things on and off the needles.   They just look like blobs of knitting this way, but trust me - all of these cowls look much better looped around a neck, even a flabby flappy neck, than they do on the ground.  Trust me.  Really.

Yes, we have green grass now.  The brown is gone and the deer are happily munching away. 
  Except for the hunting thing.  They're not so thrilled about that. 
 This one is a deep rich emerald green in real life.  The color gremlins must have been in an impish mood.  Anybody know how to catch them?  Is there a tutorial? 
This is a ribbon yarn.  Fun and fast. 
This one, too. 

All of these are knitted in the very clever seamless Moebius process, with the twist built right in.  I'm sort of addicted to it now and must make more.  I'm going to sashay right out of here and find my way to the yarn shop.  Ssshh.  Don't tell.
But wait, there's more.  Two new ornaments to commemorate the Nicholas and Matthew's first visit to Canada.  The gremlins are back and won't let me rotate this one.  Twist your head way off to the right and say "ooh" a couple of times.  Good stitching, bad photography.  All the $$ I saved by designing and finishing them myself can be used for, you guessed it - yarn! 
 Or a new camera. Or computer lessons.  Or quilting lessons. Or chocolate.