Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Where have I been?  I'm not sure but the frustration of some silly update that Google did left me exasperated so I went to the garage and started unpacking boxes.  What treasures there were!  The words spoken most often in the last couple weeks are "we have so much stuff!"  Not always in a friendly tone, I might add.  But I start piles of thrift shop donations and Al comes along and takes half of it back!

The other good news is that after all these weeks of Al's painstaking table building, painting, floor laying, caulking, window replacing, and wall repair the sewing Patch is finished!  For three days I've been opening all those project-filled boxes, sorting, organizing, arranging, labeling, rearranging and having a grand time.  It's the best craft room ever!  At least the best I've ever had.  Today my very first project will be curtains for Mom's bathroom window so the glare of the sunshine on the Minnesota snow doesn't blind her.

Digger might have to be the new name for the Man of the House.  He has spent a lot of time with a shovel lately, dealing with drainage problems on the rainy days.  Here he is going under the sidewalk to find the source of the puddle that threatened to creep into the Patch.  After all that time fixing the previous hidden damage it just wasn't going to happen.  He is quick to remind me that in 1965 his first paid job after Cal was digging ditches for PGE, but do you think he was ever sitting down to do the work?  Now there is a bunch of big black pipe waiting to be installed to keep all that water flowing in the right direction.  

The next project is finding the perfect bookshelf solution for the forty boxes of books.  There isn't much time for reading just now, but it's comforting to see them all lined up, just waiting their turn.