Sunday, May 10, 2015

May I?

It's been May for an entire week and I'm just noticing.  Maybe I was dazzled by the Blue Star Creeper.  Remember last spring when I whined about laboriously dividing and weeding those teeny wisps of plants?  Look at them now!  Yippee for Mother Nature.
 Even the bees love it. 

 It was time for Sequim to celebrate the Irrigation Festival.  Look it up if you care, but the bottom line is that it doesn't rain enough in this pocket of Paradise for anything to grow so for 120 years there has been a celebration of the system that brings water to the farms.  Complete with flag-waving. 

 And pretty girls on floats.  
 And car shows. 

 Our garden today with my favorite flowers - peony 
and Calla Lily.  I'm a lucky woman because we do nothing but enjoy the foresight and plantings of the previous owners.  Lucky for me that Al enjoys playing in the dirt.