Sunday, June 18, 2017

Found it

Here it is - the Peace Arch between Canada and The United States of America.  

Why doesn't Dr. Killdeer find a safer and softer place to lay her eggs? 
 But they certainly to blend in with the driveway.  So does the mama as she patiently sits
 there doing nothing.  Not even reading a book or knitting little hats for her babies.  The book says 24-28 days.  She only gets up to flap her wings and squawk very loudly if we get near.

Some of what happened in the yard this week.


 What fun we had in Vancouver with Pat and Rhett.  Yes, most of the activity revolved around when to eat, where to eat, what to eat.  Quite successfully, at least according to the scale. 
 That can't possibly be correct!  It just can't.

 Granville Island Public Market is pretty much overwhelming with food, food, food.  And too many people all wanting to be in the same spot I want to stand in.  Don't they know who I am?  Maybe next time I'll wear a name tag.


 On the gondola up Whistler Mountain.

 No matter where we go or how much fun we have, it's always wonderful to see our heart-warming flag welcoming us back.  In spite of the two-hour wait at the Peace Arch border crossing.   Sorry to tell you that my picture of the actual Arch is crap isn't nice enough to show.

Kind of hard to see, but the flag flowerbed has been newly planted and will probably be lush and gorgeous in a couple more weeks.  
My new favorite artwork, which just happens to be at that very border crossing. 

ps  Don't bring citrus from Canada to the U S, even if you purchased it at Costco in Sequim.  

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Foreign Travel

On the ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville, heading to Vancouver.  British Columbia, not Washington.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have this everywhere?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June is Bustin' Again

On May 31 we celebrated the fourth anniversary of signing papers in Sequim.  
Here we are in Paradise with no regrets.

Well, maybe there are regrets that we didn't pull this dandelion weeks ago.
It's almost pretty.  Almost,  And who decides what is a weed?  

  The Rock River is growing.  Alas, there still is no water.  Hmmm. 

Now just some garden glory for your viewing pleasure.

 The very first throes of lavender blossoms.  

That's it for today.   See you soon.