Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Assembly Required

 No shit.  We made a trip to IKEA and came home with five boxes that couldn't possibly become bookcases.  Could they?  

 I have a guy who reads directions!  Well, with IKEA it's more looking at the pictures, but still.
(The bandage is the result of an encounter with a wild coyote dermatologist.)
 All five assembled but now there will be spacers and molding added. 
 I'll be back with an update in a few days.  

 Well.  Al has decided that he's going to garden with wood chips so found tree service guys who are eager to part with the results from their chippers.  The first guy left his loaded trailer and drove away.
 Not bad for 71, eh?
 Should we call this one "The Sweatshirt that Won't Die?"
 The second guy has a bigger truck that just dumped it and he was gone in about four minutes.  Better.  But now it still has to be hauled to the various gardens.  I'll let you know how that goes.  
 The final summer concert in the park featured the Northwest Navy Band.  Sailors!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If only I could count

Okay, okay, I was wrong.  Yes, I do know that July is the seventh month and that half of twelve is six, making June the half-way point.  Thank you, Mrs. Lumphrey.
 Al thinks that all the lavender got into my brain and twisted it.  
 Apparently inquiring minds want to see where I spend most of my time, so here are a few shots of the Patch.  It's not a showroom, but very practical for my purposes.  I know where everything is (most of the time) and have to keep slapping my brain to remember to put things back where they belong. 
 Al done good on this room, didn't he?  
I can't figure out how to move this over.  Bummer.  Can we still be friends?

 This is how a lavender wand begins.

 Then some creative bending and weaving . . . .

 and a lot of mess, and days later these are ready to be tied off and tucked in a drawer.  I discovered that it's best to get them started then wait for the drying process to take over before finishing. 
 That picture will be next time.  Are you on the edge of your chair?  Hang on! 

 The first apple from our next-door neighbor's Gravenstein tree. 
 It's so convenient that we can reach the tree from our side of the fence,
 with only a minimum of stretching.  God forbid I should exert myself to get food.