Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A year later

 Well, didn't that year go quickly?  With not much to tell.  Same stuff - we stayed healthy and busy, one of us in the garden and kitchen, one of us in the Patch and the cookie jar.  You figure out which.  There really isn't much to report so here come a few pictures to sum it up.  Are you ready? 

Ten overwhelming pick-up truckloads of a friend's craft room was moved to the Patch - it just kept coming and coming and coming.  Thank you, Karl.  After a month of sorting and distributing all over town it is in many good hands for future projects.  I might have kept some for myself.  

Al built what he calls a hothouse and grew some interesting crops.  Lovely, isn't it?

Susan brought new chairs for the Patch, so there was no choice but to haul out the selvedge bin and get busy.  Remember when we threw them away?

                                               This tomato tasted just like you would expect.  

Our dear neighbor moved to town but not before I absconded with his ties and made pillows for his kids and grandkids. 

This was dyed with food coloring and an eye dropper.  Kind of fun but next time I'll go less bright.

                                                                           Think about it.                                                                        


Here is my heritage wrapped up in one pillow.  One side from the perfect and precise Grandma, the other salvaged from a quilt made by the other Granny, more haphazard and serendipitous. Seems like I inherited a little bit from each of them and am grateful for it every day. 

Happy Birthday!

This was stitched for a friend who loves to collect shells from the Florida beaches, even those teeny tiny itsy bitsy fellas.  That's a lot of bending over. 

                            A very quick trip to you-know-where (that Al said he would never go to again) to celebrate a Big Birthday. 


       This was just the beginning of the annual Sequim snow.  Beautiful for a week then it's gone.

Here comes Al's big project.  You know how much he loves to dig and this was his big chance.  Seems that the pipes leading from the master bath to the septic tank were made from some horrible disintegrating and deteriorating stuff called Orangeburg.  There is a reason they stopped manufacturing it many years ago.  After days of digging (he was only 78 when he did this) the plumbers put in that stunning new green PVC pipe and now we can luxuriate in the shower endlessly.  Yay!

                                           The pink velvet chair is a nice touch, doncha think? 

Al and his sisters have entrusted me with their mother's wedding dress.  After a trip through the washer (really) and an overnight soak in Oxi-Clean (really) it is much brighter, even though the pictures don't show that very well.  That first cut was kind of intimidating, but a glass of wine and a hunk of chocolate cake helped with the courage factor.  These pieces will eventually be framed to commemorate that big event way back in 1940.

That's way too much for now.  Maybe I'll find my way back here before another year passes.  Maybe.