Thursday, August 9, 2018

August in Sequim

That's Victoria.  Can you see Canada? Use that x-ray vision. This is 1/3 mile from our house, just 1/3 mile.  The fog horns are delightful.  Reminds me of that other foggy place we used to live, but this is so much more peaceful.  In so many ways.

 I think this is a clematis, but it obviously didn't get the directions to grow on the arbor, 
not beside the arbor.
Next year we'll have a class before the spread begins.  Or maybe I just pruned it poorly.

 There is a name for these cone-head hydrangeas but I forgot it and am too lazy to look it up. 
Let's just call it Jane Curtain. 

 This is is - the entire gladiola crop.  Kind of puny, isn't it?

 This is all one lavender plant.  It looks even fuller up close and personal.  

 Not ours, but one of the many lavender farms  Last I heard there were around 40.
 Come see for yourself.  

Lily finished the quilt for her new baby sister.  Excellent first project, doncha think?

There has been a lot of needlepointing belts this summer.  Should I show you how they look in progress, before they get blocked and leathered and buckled?  Kind of bizarre how the leather magicians can take this funky piece of stitching and make it into something beautiful. 

That's all - for now.  Happy August!