Friday, July 12, 2013

Dyeing in Homer

This afternoon Al, Teri and Willie went on some adventure (I don't really know and was having so much fun that I might not even care) while I went to a yarn dyeing class at the Homer yarn shop.  Forgive my enthusiasm, but it's my very first time with dot dyeing, and it just might be a new obsession.  Look at this!
  Start with plain white yarn in a crock pot full of plain water,

add little speckles of colored powder,  keep adding more little teeny grains of color,
 cook it a while, add more color, cook it some more and 

Voila!  Gorgeous yarn just waiting to become something.
 I hope I can wait long enough for it to dry before I break out the needles and cast on. 

Jules, my New Best Friend and teacher.

Oh, yeah, it's real pretty in Homer.  Here is the view from Homer's back window.  Not bad, huh?

Yesterday Willie was very successful on his fishing trip but we're having trouble getting his pictures transferred to me.   I'll add it when we find a teen-ager who can help us.
Just stretch your arms out as far as you can -
that's the size of his biggest fish before our delicious dinner. 
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