Monday, May 7, 2018

Peony Progress

I think I can. . . .

Get ready - I'm coming . . . .

Ta DA!

The view from my platelet donor chair at the blood bank.  On a clearer day the Olympic mountains are back there.  Well, I guess they are always there, we just couldn't see them last Monday. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.  Read my book, chat with the girls, get cookies, and the very best part is the warning to not do any heavy lifting for the rest of the day, specifically the vacuum.  

Al has been helping a friend build a house and not spending much time in the yard, so now has double duty weeding.  Why don't the deer eat this stuff?  
Are you still digging (ha-ha) the brown sweatshirt?

These will be pears and apples just on the neighbor's side of the fence, but he's very generous when the trees are heavy laden with juicy fruit. Not the gum. 

The view from our lawn chairs in the park where the City Band performed yesterday.  A few days of sunshine have melted most of the snow but it's still impressive, doncha think?
The band is a bunch of volunteer musicians who love to play and are willing to share it with us.  The symphony was Saturday night with some of the same talented people, from high school kids to a lady who has been with them for 32 years.

Apparently Mother Nature wants us to be mushroom farmers.
  Even the deer don't eat them so do you think we should?  NO!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Spring in Sequim

 I forgot to show you this.

 But now we have this, 

 and this, 

And peonies just popping through all that bark Al hauled around.
I know it's really mean to show this to you in the parts of the country that are experiencing hell endless winter, but maybe it will give you hope that spring really will happen.  

And this!  The Dungeness Lighthouse, the Dungeness Spit, the Cline Spit and Mount Baker, all on one glorious day.  No, this isn't the view from our house, but from 1/3 mile away.  Even I can waddle that far to enjoy such magnificence.  Followed by chocolate and a nap. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Who decided how to spell this month?  Who can pronounce it correctly? 

Here's what has happened in the last month while I have been ignoring the blog.

Laura turned 50 and Al turned 75.  Seventy-five!  It only seemed right to have a celebratory party.  Too bad you couldn't join us.  I had to eat your share of the cake all by myself.

There was a really big surprise when Teri and Willie knocked on our door the very afternoon of his birthday.  What more could a brother ask for?  Well, for them to stay longer but maybe next time.

Of course I've been entertaining myself in the Patch.  Rob provided hours of enjoyment with two flannel shirts, one from Mom and one from Dad.  With a little finagling and creative cutting (and a few yards of supplemental fabric) it became a very cuddly snuggley quilt.  It was fascinating so I'm eager to do more.  In spite of the lint. 

Lily ruled the sewing machine - her first attempt! Go, Lily!

For the last few weeks Digger has been playing with Don on a building project and leaves me wondering if there is any mud left in their yard or if he has brought it all to ours.  And the porch and the bathroom and the laundry room.  We won't even talk about the truck.
  But notice how Al-dorably pleased he is with himself.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year

 We loaded up Homer and went way out to La Push, with a bunch of good pals.  It's right on the edge of the Pacific with gorgeous views.  Here's the one from our back window.

Al is always a party.  

Enjoy these marvels without my silly words.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Another Christmas

Christmas in Victoria is about as close as we'll ever get to Christmas in England - and it's only 20 miles away, as the crow flies.  Too bad there aren't enough crows to carry us.  So with Laurie and Kent, Laura and Bill, we loaded onto the ferry and sailed to a foreign land.

Of course it's usually all about the food and here are just some of the desserts in the Dining Room at Butchart Gardens. Santa whisked all the calories away and dumped them somewhere over the ocean.

 The snow began to fall just as we entered the Gardens, and this is what we saw when we left the restaurant.  Hard to get good pictures with the white stuff, but it was magical and glorious.

Happy Birthday to Canada.

Christmas morning from our hotel balcony.  Nothing exciting for you in the real snow, but unusual for us out here on the edge of the continent.

British Columbia Parliament 

Our front yard.  Nobody wanted to build a snowman.  Darn.  And it's all gone now.  
   Maybe I can get the neighbor kids to build one next time. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas

 This tree is just the right size, doncha think?    Turns out this is the total decorating I've done this year, unless you count dragging all the boxes down from the attic and stacking them nicely in the overflow room.  I think that's a real good start. We've been to countless (well, countable, but I don't want to) plays and performances and concerts and dinners, but none of them at home, so those boxes might just stay right where they are until next December.  Bah-Humbug.

Al harvested his first garlic crop, thanks to the generosity of Paulette who shared her starters.

 I discovered a lazy way to make peppermint bark.  Much less messy than trying to break up an entire pan full of the goodness.  Drop a blob of melted chocolate, sprinkle some crushed candy canes (the hardest part is unwrapping the canes, the messiest part is crushing those sugary devils), then drop a glob of melted white chocolate, a bit more candy cane and that's that.  They look kind of funky but taste just as good.  A few of them fell into my mouth before I had a chance to get them bagged for gifting.  If only my mouth could stay closed more often.  For many reasons, but let's not go into that right now. 

This idea came to me in a dream.  Or was it online?  Yeah, that's it.  
Thank you, paint department.

Not a very good shot, but when I found out that Toys for Tots accepts scarves along with the baby blankets, I got busy.  Anything for the privilege of hugging a Marine!  Or Army, Navy, Coast Guard, cop, fire fighter.  Stop me before I hug again. 

Okay, that's enough silliness for now.  See you next year! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Lost in the Patch

There has been such a frenzy of activity in the Patch that I don't even have to clean away all that fiber dust; it just gets caught in the whirlwind.    Not just mine, but Carol and Laura (Paulette left early) working on their projects, too.

 Teri sent Golden State Warriors fabric for bowl cozies and the leftover fabric just jumped into an apron.  Kind of makes your eyes cross, doesn't it?

 Nicole is going for her second hip replacement next week, so some of Paulette's wine fabric scraps found themselves in a tote bag.  And I learned how to print on fabric.  Stand back!

Al's final pepper of the season.  Kind of funky, but he did have fun with the Mr. Green Jeans routine and is still harvesting kale and potatoes and looking forward to putting his new knowledge to work next year.  I just read an article about a trend of young professionals moving to the country to become farmers.  He has always been ahead of the times.

The most recent needlepoint belt returned from the finishers.  Some Euler (who?) math equation I don't understand, even after hours of stitching all those numbers.  The only math I need to know is how many stitches per inch and how to get it charted on a spreadsheet,
 then hope I follow it correctly to the canvas.  Who would notice if I missed a number? Would you?

Luke and Kellan are finally getting their ornaments.  Sorry it took so long.  

And I finally got around to dying some yarn that has been patiently waiting for a few years.  The peachy one was done with Kool-Aid in the slow cooker,  the blue with food coloring in the microwave, and the tan with coffee on the stove.  It was fun but mostly what I learned is why it's worth it to pay extra for yarn dyed by the expert$.