Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Flowers

Sequim has only had about 5" of rain since January 1, but enough to make blossoms pop out everywhere.  I know that all the world is gorgeous now, but it stuns me every year. 
 I know, slow learner.  Or grateful observer.  You decide.

 The peonies are almost here.  Stay tuned.

 Too bad the dandelions are so hated because they sure look cheerful.  
How many do you think will be produced from this crop?  A million?  A billion?
It's across the street, so it's pretty likely a lot of the seeds will float over to our yard.  
Or yours. 

 We had eight scraggly trees cut down yesterday.  In two hours! 
 Bring four strong men, one lift thingy truck, one sturdy chipper and let 'er rip.  

 So that's your friend there in the chipper?

 Al is thrilled to have another load of his very own wood chips.  What a strange guy.  It once again smells like dead Christmas around here.

None of it seems to bother the deer.  Hey, that's my hedge! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show this and tell that

For a good chunk of the winter Al was in his workshop, hacking away at chunks of wine crates that accumulated through the years.  Every time I went nearby he told me to stop bugging him. Well, okay then.  Look at what he did, just look and marvel.  Now we have a door to close the laundry room/pantry from the kitchen.  You're jealous, I know you are. There isn't room for a swinging door and a pocket door would be way too much work so this is on a sliding barn door system, clever hidden behind the sign.  He's a genius.  Most of the time. 

The stained glass is from the restaurant in Napa and the sign from the joint in Petaluma.  Never throw anything away.  Notice the lefse sticks under the rolling pins?  Maybe it's time to put them to good use.  Is there a rule about only making lefse for the holidays?  Easter is a holiday.

By night.  

Wanna see my other finally finished needlepoint?  Of course you do. 

These guys have been in the Unifinished Object (UFO) box for so long that they went
 on the road with us, traveled around the US and waited patiently to become 
something more than a flat piece of painted canvas and a pile of threads.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Progress Update

I did it!  Finished one of the Santas.  All by myself.  Pat me on the back, please. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beware the Ides of March

 Stay away from all soothsayers who will portend doom and gloom.

There is nothing but sunshine and happiness in Sequim, even though I have been very remiss in telling you about it.  Not much to report, just day after day of bliss.  Chilly, but pleasant.  It's our first full winter here without a trip to California and we've enjoyed it.

Like everywhere in the world, spring is coming.  See?  

I've been stitching on the chilly nights and finally finished these Santas that have been in the basket for several years.  Maybe in a dream they will tell me what they want to be. 
 Pillow?  Ornament?  Framed?  Stand-up pal?  Sit in the basket for a few more years?   

Look what I found when I cleaned out a box of old, very old treasures.
This very issue is selling online for between $20 and $50, except for one big dreamer who is asking $291.  Good luck with that. Too bad we didn't all keep everything we every owned.  Remember rushing home from school to watch the Mickey Mouse Club?  Hey there, Hi there, Ho there.  
I still have a little bit of a crush on Spin. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another year goes

 We celebrated Christmas across the pond in Victoria.  It's only 20 miles as the crow flies, but that puny crow couldn't carry both of us at the same time so we took the ferry.  It's tradition to have tea at Murchie's and I'm all about tradition.  Or is it that I'm all about ignoring tradition?  I forget.

The British Columbia Legislature Building gets dolled up for the holidays.

 Al aka Dick Button near the skating rink.  One little word (near not on) changes things so.

 The Gardens are decorated with the Twelve Days of Christmas, presented to you in no particular order.   Here are the ten lords (frog princes) a-leaping from behind the hedge.
Too bad that most of my evening shots can't possibly do justice to the stunning light show and the glory of the gardens by night.  You'll just have to go there yourself.

 Pipers Piping.

 Three French Hens.

 The sunken garden.

 Maids a-milking

 Ladies Dancing

Geese a-laying

 I couldn't leave you without food highlights.

Now let's all go clean up the Christmas leftovers, pack away the decorations, and get ready to welcome 2017.  May all your dreams be pleasant and all your wishes come true.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 A field just down the road a piece seems to be a stopping spot for a flock of trumpeter swans.  They are lovely, but we haven't been lucky enough to hear their songs.  The only music we've enjoyed has been from the high school holiday concerts and Celtic Christmas, which was pretty fun.  How can those girls move their Irish feet so quickly?  I can barely hobble to the cookie jar and they are dancing circles around the stage.  Without moving their arms.  Amazing.

 Of course, it's all about the food.  

We had another snowstorm.  I hope Santa won't be hindered by it.

May all your Christmas dreams come true.  All of them.   

Friday, December 9, 2016

Baby, It's a little bit cold outside

Hard to complain about temps in the upper 20s and low 30s when we look at the rest of the country.  The 347 snowflakes we saw last night barely count, but there actually was a little bit that lingered in other parts of town.

Hardly worth mentioning, but here it is.

 Al finished the ironing table.  It's grand!  I can get one entire width of fabric in one shot.  No fiddling with that narrow pointy old board.  Bring your tablecloths and come on over.

 This is what December in Sequim looks like.

We got a Christmas tree.  Will I have the energy to decorate it?
  It might require a party to have friends help with the lights.

And I hope you are all enjoying whatever holiday festivities and joy comes your way!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Not lost, just distracted

Oops, I kept forgetting to get back here, but you haven't missed much.  We have just been getting on with everyday life, keeping busy and getting projects done.  
 I seem to torture most African violets, but this one defied me.
Grandma would be so pleased.

 Al built me this perfect desk for the Patch, mostly with reclaimed pieces.  It's the same height as the big work table so it can be wheeled up for an extension.  Now I just have to file more of those clippings that I can't seem to avoid.  Will I ever knit all those sweaters or stitch all that needlepoint?  Maybe If I live to be 135.

 Cock your head to the right to see the ornament that Nicky gets to commemorate his graduation.

 And piano-playing Matthew.

 That amazing hubby is now building me an ironing table.  Here is the beginning.  Ain't he somethin'?

Yet another reason why Sequim is Paradise.  This hydrangea just won't quit, even no.