Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lots of Lookin'

Life has been rather quiet, but there some nifty things happening.

 That Peony and her sisters are putting on their show with more to come.  They are right outside the Patch window so it's hard to concentrate on the sewing machine when they distract me with the glory.

 A petal puddle in downtown Sequim.  Almost as wonderful as when all the 
blooms were clinging tenaciously to the trees.

 A couple months ago Al trimmed the hardy kiwi bush/shrub/vine and I finally wired some of them together for a rustic wreath.  It was a challenge sort of like untangling a snarl of yarn but in the opposite direction.  The plant is now sprouting new leaves and soon will go through the cycle again.  Next year I might just let him burn those darn branches.

 More blooms on Rhodie Island.

Okay, this might be the ultimate example of a Woman With Too Much Time on Her Hands.
  Or maybe it should be Never Throw Anything Away.

This is my favorite picture of Al from many many years ago at my 50th birthday party.  (Let's not say just how many, okay?)  Lo and behold, I came across the very tie he is wearing at the celebration.  Too bad that his napkin bib is covering most of it.  A few hours of swearing creativity and a dollar store frame later and the memory will last forever.  How to take a picture of a picture without glare?  Not something I know how to do, but you get the idea.

 The 25-year old lavender plant is gearing up for productivity.

 And blue star creeper.

 And the new version of the bucket garden.  Maybe Al will 'splain it to you next time.

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Bloomin' Post

Remember that peony we've been watching?  They are slow coming, but look like they
will be worth the wait.  This is the very same blossom a few days apart popping out of the confinement.  Doesn't it look like a flamenco dancer eager to twirl her skirts?  

 The Olympic Mountains to the South.

 The Dungeness Spit to the North on a rare calm day.

 If only Lily of the Valley lasted for weeks and weeks.  They are so tiny and special.

 We don't know who left this on the steps of the orphanage but it's the only lonely one on the property, but a little too showy to hide among the peonies

 I'll start churning the butter for all this corn come harvest time. 

Rhode Island will be stunning when more of these open and show off their glory.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's May!

Lerner and Lowe wrote an entire song about the joys of May, but even though I know all the words, I won't subject you to my singing.  You'll have to look it up for yourself.  Hint - Camelot.

It was delightful to spend a weekend with Jeane and John.  We dragged them to the local symphony and they were also impressed with all the talent that lives among us.  

 These are pears and apples from the neighbor but he generously shares,
 especially the fruit that hang over our fence.

Mr. Green Jeans has a new system for the bucket garden.  I'll be back with updates as it happens.  Aren't you glad you didn't get recruited to cut all those holes?

 The cherry tree just might produce, in spite of the aggressive pruning last year.

 The apple tree that Al pruned the crap out of also pruned aggressively might survive,
 especially now that it gets more sunshine without those scrawny trees. 

Maybe we'll have a dozen apples.  Maybe not.

 Come back in a few days to see the progress of the peonies.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Flowers

Sequim has only had about 5" of rain since January 1, but enough to make blossoms pop out everywhere.  I know that all the world is gorgeous now, but it stuns me every year. 
 I know, slow learner.  Or grateful observer.  You decide.

 The peonies are almost here.  Stay tuned.

 Too bad the dandelions are so hated because they sure look cheerful.  
How many do you think will be produced from this crop?  A million?  A billion?
It's across the street, so it's pretty likely a lot of the seeds will float over to our yard.  
Or yours. 

 We had eight scraggly trees cut down yesterday.  In two hours! 
 Bring four strong men, one lift thingy truck, one sturdy chipper and let 'er rip.  

 So that's your friend there in the chipper?

 Al is thrilled to have another load of his very own wood chips.  What a strange guy.  It once again smells like dead Christmas around here.

None of it seems to bother the deer.  Hey, that's my hedge! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show this and tell that

For a good chunk of the winter Al was in his workshop, hacking away at chunks of wine crates that accumulated through the years.  Every time I went nearby he told me to stop bugging him. Well, okay then.  Look at what he did, just look and marvel.  Now we have a door to close the laundry room/pantry from the kitchen.  You're jealous, I know you are. There isn't room for a swinging door and a pocket door would be way too much work so this is on a sliding barn door system, clever hidden behind the sign.  He's a genius.  Most of the time. 

The stained glass is from the restaurant in Napa and the sign from the joint in Petaluma.  Never throw anything away.  Notice the lefse sticks under the rolling pins?  Maybe it's time to put them to good use.  Is there a rule about only making lefse for the holidays?  Easter is a holiday.

By night.  

Wanna see my other finally finished needlepoint?  Of course you do. 

These guys have been in the Unifinished Object (UFO) box for so long that they went
 on the road with us, traveled around the US and waited patiently to become 
something more than a flat piece of painted canvas and a pile of threads.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Progress Update

I did it!  Finished one of the Santas.  All by myself.  Pat me on the back, please. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beware the Ides of March

 Stay away from all soothsayers who will portend doom and gloom.

There is nothing but sunshine and happiness in Sequim, even though I have been very remiss in telling you about it.  Not much to report, just day after day of bliss.  Chilly, but pleasant.  It's our first full winter here without a trip to California and we've enjoyed it.

Like everywhere in the world, spring is coming.  See?  

I've been stitching on the chilly nights and finally finished these Santas that have been in the basket for several years.  Maybe in a dream they will tell me what they want to be. 
 Pillow?  Ornament?  Framed?  Stand-up pal?  Sit in the basket for a few more years?   

Look what I found when I cleaned out a box of old, very old treasures.
This very issue is selling online for between $20 and $50, except for one big dreamer who is asking $291.  Good luck with that. Too bad we didn't all keep everything we every owned.  Remember rushing home from school to watch the Mickey Mouse Club?  Hey there, Hi there, Ho there.  
I still have a little bit of a crush on Spin.