Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yours Til Niagara Falls

This is out of order because something went wacko with the post on Sunday, July 8, so read backwards.

We spent three fun days in Buffalo and Canada exploring the beauty and visiting Karen.  It's gorgeous but too damn hot.  I know - it's too damn hot everywhere so I should stop whining.

Lock 34 (or maybe 35) on the Erie Canal.

Which hat do you like best?


About 12,000 years ago what is now Lake Erie overflowed and created Niagara Falls, which was originally formed 7 miles north of the current location, but got moved by erosion. Imagine where it will be in a few thousand more years. The Canadian or Horseshoe Falls are 177 feet high with a deeply curving crest of about 2,200 feet. Impressive, eh? The American Falls, higher at 184 feet, have a shorter, fairly straight crest of about 1,075 feet. One-half to three-quarters of the river is diverted for the generation of electricity. There are a lot of other statistics, but you'll just have to look them up for yourself.
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