Monday, July 16, 2012

Avoiding Disaster

Sunday was a day of gettin' from Vermont to Exeter NH.  There was a tiny detour to Hanover to get a gander at Dartmouth, but this is the only shot that is worth seeing.  It was founded in 1769 and is the northernmost Ivy League institution.  They must have recently trimmed the ivy, but it's still pretty.

The RV park is in Exeter, way out in the woods.  So much forest that the satellite dish got caught in a tree, forcing Al to climb on the roof to wrestle it out of the way.  I knew better than to take a picture, but it was a sight to see and I'm sorry you missed it.  This was after Roada GPS led us down a road with a 11' 6" railroad trestle bridge underpass (we need at least 12' 6" clearance, Clarence) so he had to maneuver a turn smack in the middle of a two-lane road.  A cop just happened by to protect us from oncoming traffic and we avoided calmaity.  Whew. This bridge is so scary that John Irving has a character decide his fate in "A Prayer For Owen Meany".   Don't go down Newfields Road if you're really tall.
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