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Isn't this is lovely place to invite your 750 best friends to a wedding?

Trinity Church was founded in 1698, built in 1726. 

Patriot's Park and Touro Synagogue, the second oldest in the US (the first was Sephardi in New York).

Al with Littleneck Clams.  They should be called Little Littleneck Clams.

Rhode Island is itty-bitty with only 1,033 square miles, making it the smallest of the fifty states.
(The city of Anchorage is 1,697 square miles, just for comparison.)  1,051,302 people live here.
(New York City has 8,008,278 people. Anchorage has 260,512 people.)
Rhode Island didn't send delegates to the Constitutional Convention and was the 13th colony to ratify it,
with a vote of 34 in favor, 32 opposed. 
 Is your day going to be better now that you have this valuable information?
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