Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rear Window

Finally.  We are back in the U S of A and I have wi-fi connection again.  Prince Rupert was a fine town to visit but I couldn't get online so became a tiny bit vexed, but now all is good again.  Well, except for no satellite TV, but there is so much beauty all around that I guess it's telling us to get out and enjoy  the glory of Ketchikan, which is Alaska's southernmost city at the base of the Tongass National Forest.  The 8,000 people here rely on fishing, logging and tourism.
We sailed past three big cruise ships so it's working well.

Both shots are from Homer's rear window.
Makes it worth getting up for the 4:15 check-in for the ferry up the Inside Passage.
Al did a marvelous job of getting Homer and Tom Dually on and off - with expert direction from people who know how to guide him better than I do.
It's a gorgeous day, which might not happen often in a place that has an average annual precipitation of around 160"so we're going out to explore.
The world's largest collection of standing totem poles is in Ketchikan.
  Do you think there is a place with the world's largest collection of reclining totem poles?
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  1. No reclining totems but leaning ones I'm sure. We see that Anchorage is again having unseasonably warm temps like we had during our visit there in 2005. And hey got to move it...move it.