Thursday, June 20, 2013

First City

We've had a very adventurous couple of days and there is a lot to tell, but the wi-fi connection out in the woods of Juneau isn't very strong.  Seems to be better if I just post a few pictures at a time so this might be multi-parts.  But it's still better than a carrier pigeon.
Tuesday afternoon we left the beautiful on-the-water RV spot and got Homer lined up at the ferry dock then went downtown Ketchikan to wait for the 1:15 am departure. 

My new favorite spot - everything is made right there.
 Wouldn't it have been rude to not buy a box full of local goodness?

Prostitution was legal until the 50s and at one time there were at least twenty pleasure palaces.

Much of Ketchikan is literally built over the water because it was more efficient
at the time than blasting away the hills.
And the men were all to busy doing other things, if you get my drift.
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