Sunday, June 9, 2013

Green, Green, and, may I add, Green

We've just finished 235 miles and about five hours of this,

and this,

a little bit of this,

more of this,

and this.  The World's Largest Fly Fishing Rob in Houston, BC.  The 60-foot-long anodized aluminum fly rod was designed by a local avid fly fisherman and built by local volunteers, with a 21-inch fly.
 I'm wanting to see the fish caught with it.
We also saw countless signs warning of deer and elk and moose, but only saw one lone deer.
Do they stay home on Sunday?   

  We decided to pull into the Smithers RV park in the opposite direction because
 this is the view and  who would want to miss it?
The sun is shining behind those incredible clouds and the sun gods have scheduled it to set 10:04 so we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the glory.  I went searching for info about the Sun God but it turns out that there are several of them, depending on the time and culture so let's just call him Sunny

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