Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lars and Lena Get On The Boat

So.  After dinner and a movie in Ketchikan we went back to the ferry terminal for the midnight check-in.  Lo and behold!  A flat tire on Homer.  It would have been more time-consuming to call for roadside assist so The Hero changed it himself.  Aren't we all proud of him?  But you ain't seen nothin' yet.  The boarding guys came and told Al that he would be BACKING into the auto hold!  Apparently they have done this a few million times because they were all very patient and efficient as they guided him down what seemed like the world's longest ramp and around the corner into his assigned space.  I was smart enough to sit quietly and not get out to take pictures of the event but people later told us that it was amazing to behold.  No kidding!  

The "stateroom" on the Alaska Ferry system.  We got a three-berth so there was a bit more space.  I peeked into a two-berth room where you would have to step outside to change your mind.  

From our porthole.

The first glacier sighting.  We were also entertained throughout the day by whales, many seeming to enjoy performing, cavorting through the water for our benefit.  Others just pop up for a brief second to tease us.  Did you know that a humpback whale can't eat a fish any bigger than a grapefruit?
How did Jonah get in there?
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