Friday, June 7, 2013

British Columbia

So far the Up North trip has been relatively uneventful - once we got past the Canadian border patrol.  I think they just wanted to see what a Cameo looked like inside so we had to wait while they did a search.  It was disappointing that they didn't vacuum while they were in here, but at least they didn't take away our groceries.  The people just in front of us had to dump an entire Costco box of yummy-looking peaches.  Isn't that the pits? 

The Williams Lake Visitor Center has a display of what this trip
would be like if we didn't have Homer.

Right behind the Big Cowboy is the Stampede grounds, which also happens to be an RV park where we stayed in Williams Lake.  More disappointment - I didn't see any real live cowboys in action.

Our good luck of driving without rain ended today on highway 97 when we drove through several  heavy squalls which came from gorgeous cloud formations.
 Yesterday Al spent quite some time washing and polishing
Homer and Tom and now that effort is covered with splatter.  

Here is Mr. PG, the mascot of Prince George, the gateway to Northern British Columbia, where we'll be for a couple of days.  Sorry that I couldn't get a shot of his front but his back is equally indicative of the  importance of the lumber industry in here.
He was refurbished last year and seems very pleased with himself.
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