Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here we are in Peoria, IL, which seems to be all Caterpillar, all the time.  It's almost everywhere you turn.  Except in Peoria Heights, which has some gorgeous houses, all lined up like expensive soldiers guarding the view of the river.  Not all of the 125,00 people can live on that hill, but the rest of the town is very pleasant, too.

Some of the people who hail from Peoria are:
Betty Friedan, Susan G. Komen and Nancy Brinker, Camryn Manheim, Richard Pryor, David Ogden Stiers, Dan Fogelberg,  Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys), Elaine "Spanky McFarlane, and a whole bunch of people with names I don't recognize, but I'm sure they are all very nice. 

(I had some pictures of CAT buildings, but something went kablooey in the posting, so just pretend) 
Tomorrow we'll be going to Chicago to meet Marco for the NRA (that would be National Restaurant Association, not Rifle) show.  We'll be busy grazing through the miles of vendors at McCormick Place and hitting as many steakhouses as possible in five days. See ya next week.

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