Thursday, February 8, 2024

Last Day in B A

 A whole day without Teri and Willie - it's just not the same, but Al learned well and managed Uber all on his own.  We visited some museums, (all in Spanish so Al enjoyed it but I didn't get very far), had a nice lunch, enjoyed a flash rain storm, and went through the packing routine yet again.  Where did all this stuff come from?  

Some Buenos Aires observations - there are fancy shopping areas with all the brand names we see everywhere in the world, but also neighborhoods with lots of little bitty speciality shops.  Candy, farmacia, wine, cigars, trinkets, paint, hardware, pastry, fruit and veggies, bread, desserts, flowers, etc.   You could take your little wicker basket and get everything you need on one or two streets.  Many of them have the European style of metal shutters to cover the windows when they close, so the streets look kind of unfriendly and dark.  McDonald's and Starbucks everywhere.  There are what appear to be garbage collection bins that apparently go under the street because I saw a guy open the door and cram three big full bags in that little space.  Better than piling the bags all over the streets like some cities do.  

Drivers Ed must be effective because they seem to very law abiding in spite of winding down tiny streets then speeding down 8 or 10 lane streets.   

It seems like Chile and Argentina both have trouble caring for their streets and sidewalks, so it's imperative to be paying close attention to your feet (along with paying attention to the traffic and the sights and where is your hubby).  Not in construction zones, just right in the street.  Lucky I've only fallen down once.  So far. Wanna see some examples?



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