Wednesday, February 14, 2024

More Patagonia - the real thing, not just the clothing company.

We took a bus tour for different views of the Not Lake Tahoe, and the Andes, rode the chairlift to the top, and thoroughly enjoyed the glory of Bariloche.  More ice cream, more dinners, more beauty.  

There are so many companies that we know are American and dozens of other International names we all recognize.  It's such a small world and kind of comforting to see familiar things. 

Also interesting how people are basically the same everywhere.  Same clothes, same shoes, same behavior, same logo tee shirts, same tattoos, same babies in strollers, and same cell phones.  Many of the people speak English and are eager to be helpful.  Lots of them say that their English is poor but the longer we chatted, the better they became, just in minutes.  Those who don't have much English will quickly type out the information, hit translate and flash their screens with the answer.  And flash those beautiful smiles with the gorgeous brown eyes.  Once in a while there is a blonde pigtailed little girl, making it all the more interesting.  When will you go see for yourself?  


Afternoon cocktails - can life get any better?  

The best G & T I've ever had.  Certainly the prettiest.  The gin is distilled in Bariloche so we'll never be able to recreate it.  Darn.

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