Sunday, February 11, 2024


 Saturday we (Al) stood in a long line to buy bus tickets for the gondola up a mountain, then another long line for the bus, then another long line for the actual gondola, and - guess what - another long line to eat in the rotating restaurant.  The food was disappointing, but the views, even through the scratched and dirty windows, are incredible.  

They have a small art gallery devoted to our Italian pal Mike, minus the Sistine Chapel. 

Makes Al look really puny, but equally impressive in his own way. 

It wouldn't be a good day without dinner.  Smoked trout with buratta, perfectly crispy fries (I ate too many) and what Al declared to be the best salad he has ever eaten. 

The streets and sidwalks in Bariloche are just as dangerous as the rest of this continent, yes, the water spins the opposite direction, and there are summer Back to School sales - in February.  There are countless chocolate shops, more that I've ever seen in one town, all pushing Valentine treats.  Also lots of ice cream shops, but that's to be expected in a tourist town.  What do they do during ski season?  Almost every restaurant has leather placemats with their logo stamped into it, some covering the whole table.  And only tiny bitsy cocktail napkins, no full-size linen anywhere we've been. And no kleenex, in the hotels or stores, at least not that we can find.  Maybe there are no colds in South America.       

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