Wednesday, February 14, 2024

I like to be in America!


It was a wonderful and oh so interesting trip, lots of adventures and memories, but America is still the very best!  We left the hotel in Bariloche Tuesday morning at 8:30 (thank you, Willie, for sharing your Uber skills), flew to Buenos Aires, had a very long layover because the American ticket counter didn't open until around 4:00 (most of the flights on every international airline seem to leave between 7pm and 3 am) and we couldn't even try to get into the American lounge until we had checked in.  You already know what they told us about the one-day pass.  Nope, sorry, go sit on a hard chair in the boarding area for a few more hours.  Once again the 787 Dreamliner was a super flight, even though we both slept most of the time, (except for a pretty good dinner and a fruit/croissant/yogurt breakfast) so Boeing and American scored more points.  I'm grateful that Al sprung for Premium Economy so there was a bit more room to move and actual linen napkins, food on real plates, and a bathroom you can turn around in. First Class might be in our future when that lottery ticket comes through but this will do for now.  

Then another flight to Atlanta, - I'm pretty sure we walked at least 3 miles in airports - where we will spend several days enjoying the company of Chrissy and Nicholas and their friends.  Probably more South America thoughts will pop into my tiny brain and I will share them along the way, especially now that wi-fi is good again so I'm ready for email if the mood strikes.   Thanks for coming along.  

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