Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Here's more catching up

 Not a lot to report about the last few days on the ship.  We saw Cape Horn, and had a quick but uneventful stop at Stanley, Falkland Islands.  The only highlight there was an interesting museum, but it was nice to almost be in England - everyone spoke English!  
St. Somebody. 

We don't know these people but there was always somebody standing in front of the red phone booths.  They are probably very nice.  

Friday was a stop in Puerto Madryn, a big nice city - with a yarn shop!  

And a restaurant that roasts the sweet little lambs right in the window.  

Al enjoys the view, which we saw a lot of because the seas were too high for a scheduled stop in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, so we had three days in a row of this.  Worked well for me to pamper the stupid annoying cold but others were getting restless.  
Getting off the ship was a challenge that could take hours to tell - three huge ships all dumped the luggage in a gigantic pier/warehouse and sort of shouted "good luck" then probably stood back and laughed.  "Now find a cab.  See you next time."

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