Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Buenos Aires is hot - in more ways than one.

 What a huge city!  But it is mostly clean and pretty with tons of parks and greenery so it feels friendly.  Obvious European influence, jillions of modern high rise buildings, more apartments than a normal person could count, but it seems very organized.   Of course the Hop On/Hop Off bus took us to the nice spots, and we didn't shake and howdy with all 16 million people, but it seems to be a fine city.  Except for the temp - we're lucky (?) enough to enjoy (?) temps in the 90s.  Ish.  I'm getting heat cranky, but I'm almost always cranky so who can tell the difference.  

Not an inch is wasted - if there is space for a skinny building they seem to fit one in. 

Much of our travels look like this.  Willie is a genius with his cell phone and getting us where we want to go.  We're gonna miss them when they go home tonight.  For so very many reasons. 

Evita's museum.  Did she really cook in this kitchen, like a perfect 50's housewife, not a hair out of place, high heel polished, pearls perfectly draped around her stunning neck.  They have several of her dresses on display, usually next to a picture of her in that very dress or hat.  I want to meet her seamstress.  

We walked and walked and walked (remember the 95 temp) to find the yarn district.  Yes, a yarn district.  About 8 or 10 yarn shops in just two blocks!  I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't even take pictures.  Or buy anything - imagine that.  Maybe we'll return when my brain settles.  Worse than being a kid in a candy store.  There I would just beeline to the dark chocolate and be on my way, but all that yarn left me addled.  Oh, poor me. 

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