Thursday, February 8, 2024

Time to Say Good-Bye

 Another hot and humid day, but we strolled to Casa Rosada, (the pink house) seat of the Argentina government, but didn't go inside.  

 Then a short toddle down the avenue to an amazing gaucho lunch, which basically just means cooking over an open grill or flame, like the real gaucho fellas did in the olden days.  Maybe they still do, but we haven't run into any of them to ask.  The cooks at Cabana Los Lilas seem to know what they are doing - look at this. 

That is a blob of truffle mashed potatoes - bring me more, please.

Three kinds of chocolate cake, just in case we haven't eaten enough, then it was time to sadly bid farewell to our bestie travel pals, heading back home.  How will we ever manage without Teri's kindness and Willie's guidance?  We're missing them already.  

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