Wednesday, June 1, 2016


We really did see a pawn shop on the corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
 but the camera wasn't ready.  Darn.
 I was ready for this huge steelworker guy.
 A museum display of fiber arts, where this entire thing is made from buttons.  Whatever happened to Granny's button box?
 The Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to become the Ohio River right here.

 It was an entertaining bonus to see the circus train pass through town.  Curiosity sent me to find out that it was probably on the way to Lincoln, NE.  There are two simultaneously traveling unit trains - the red unit has 55 cars, the blue unit has 56 cars. The animals ride directly behind the locomotive where the ride is the smoothest, there are 33 passenger cars for people, 4 cars for the animals and a lot more for all the equipment.  It takes 6 hours to unload the train and 12 hours to set up the show.  Makes traveling in Homer seem pretty darn easy.
We now know that there were once 108 pottery factories in this area because of the special clay around here.
 The wallets began to cringe, but we behaved very well.
Did you know that Homer Laughlin makes Fiesta?
This is the pile of all the broken stuff that wasn't even good enough to sell in the seconds shop.
Brings a tear, doesn't it?

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