Sunday, June 19, 2016

Moving on

Today we'll be leaving Quebec City and France, (if only I could just up and speak French) but almost everyone also speaks English and they are very friendly.  
Do you want to see what we did in the last two days?  Okay, then don't look.

 A little road trip took us to Ile d'Orleans, a beautiful island with acres of farmland and a chocolate shop.  Of course we felt it was our duty  as Americans to contribute to the economy.  

 Montmorency waterfall, the highest in Canada.

 Sainte. Anne de Beaupre Shrine Basilica.
 We've been in a few more old and amazingly ornate churches but no photos. 
 You'll just have to come here and see for yourself.

 Risotto with baby shrimp, a hunk of some white fish I can't pronounce or spell, asparagus puree.

 Al's sweetbreads with pear.  Who woulda thought of that combo?  But he loved it.

Just one of many charming little old streets in Quebec City.

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