Saturday, June 4, 2016

The new and the old.

Thursday was another driving day, past this big power plant.
 We're usually not spending quite so much time driving, driving, driving, but this trip seems to be different.  So I finished the purple blanket and am well into a new one.  It keeps me from snacking.  But obviously I manage to find treats elsewhere.
We met Andy and Mandy and went to an Amish farm museum to see what life was in the olden days. I'm glad to be living now, thank you.
 Al is so easily amused
 Don't quote me but this is a breed that might be Randall or American Lineback.  I like it.
 Not quite like shopping at Britex.
 President Buchanan's home is smack in Lancaster.
How to make friends very quickly. 
Where is the Toto

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