Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Practice, Practice Practice

How do you get to the Football Hall of Fame?
 Go to Akron, Ohio on a peaceful Memorial Day afternoon.
 It's really well organized and all 32 teams are well represented, but it's only natural that as a shareholder I would concentrate on the Packers.  I won't bore you with all that information.  Maybe you had enough of it when we visited the Packer Hall of Fame a few years ago.  Maybe.
 If only the Duluth Eskimos had developed longevity.. 
It's truly a thing of beauty. 
 Nothing can stop a concussion, but they keep trying to develop better protection.  Maybe not smacking your head into a muscle-bound 300-pound guy would diminish the chances.
Evolution of a football
They begged us to compare our flabby arms to these buff guys. 
It only makes me want to curl into a ball to eat chocolate and take a nap.

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