Sunday, June 26, 2016


 We visited the Canadian Museum of History, which obviously has a good sense of humor.

 This is what real ermine looks like.  You know, the very fancy stuff that is always on the king's robe.  Here it is on a Native American/First Nation/First People/Aboriginal Chief's headdress.

 They currently have a huge exhibition about Napoleon and this is one of his very own throne chairs. 
 It's gorgeous, but my first thought is how has it been kept so clean all these years?  

Everybody has been to at least one gold rush display, but this was very well displayed, 'splained about just what gold is, how it is used (even in our cell phones), and why we care.  

The guide books all say to allow three hours to visit but we were there for over six hours (including a little bit of lunch) and the entire third floor is closed.  That's the part about Canadian history from the beginning of time.  They are redoing it for the 150th anniversary next year.  That would have certainly been interesting.  And taken another three or four hours.  I do marvel at Al's ability to read every word on every display.  He even remembers some of it.   

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