Monday, June 13, 2016


 We drove to Halifax, NS, took a flight to St. John's NL, and now are back in Halifax for another day.  Here are some of the highlights.  In case anybody cares.  Is this any worse than having you over for dinner and showing our vacation slides?
 After most of downtown St. John's was wiped out in the Great Fire of 1892 they rebuilt these row houses and painted them cheerfully.  Now they are known as the Jelly Bean Houses.  The trend seems to be repeated all around town, which must be very perky on the dreary winter days.
 Yet another example of how to solve a problem before indoor plumbing.
 And another.  We were told that the apron is to cover the hidden receptacle and the backrest is to hold a lady's skirts out of the way.  So convenient.
I promise to refrain from any more necessary pictures.
Spring comes very late in Newfoundland.
 I had forgotten how kind the people were on September 11.
Cod tongue.  Yes, a cod has a tongue and the frugal fishermen found a way to use them.
Anything can be tasty breaded and deep fried.
On the left is a Toutan - fried bread dough. 
Yes, that is fried bologna breakfast.  Al's plate - not mine.

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