Friday, June 17, 2016

It all comes back to the food

 Now we're in Quebec City, learning to speak, well at least read French.  The RV park is on the South side of the St. Lawrence with the Chutes de la Chaudiere Parc nearby.

 The aforementioned St. Lawrence.  Last time we saw it was many years ago from a cruise ship with Lois, Teri, Willie, Julie, and Robert.  This time we walked and walked and did I mention walked?

 The Old City is beautiful but here is the building that impressed me most.  Like an outdoor art gallery.  Hard to realize that it is a completely flat space.

Crispy sweetbreads (Al's, of course - I'm not going near that stuff), three kinds of tartare (salmon, salmon with curry, beef) and gnocci with lobster and mushrooms.  Life is good.

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