Sunday, January 21, 2024


 The afternoon was spent on a walking/climbing hills/steps/cobblestones/funicular tour with a couple of really perky women who told us all about the city and some of the history.  They had a huge earthquake in August of 1906 which wiped out all of the town, mostly becase of the fire.  Sound familiar?  There are tons of murals everywhere, much of it intentional to discourage the graffiti hoodlums. 

Here is some of what we saw.

A new building inside an old building.

They are everywhere. 

One of the best meals of all time at la Concepcion.  Put it on your list. 

Scallops parmesan for Pat

Some form of white fish for Al

Something curry for Willie

Brisket for Teri

Peanut butter cheesecake

Coconut mango delight - isn't it gorgeous?  

I'm full and exhausted.  Night night. 
(Did you notice that the dessert pictures are extra large?)

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