Monday, January 29, 2024

Look for Magellan

 Here is a quick update while I have wi-fi minutes.   I promise to add to the news when I can get the chrome book connected and type on a real keyboard because I am hopeless with the phone. 

None of us went ashore in Chacubuca because the little tender system was having trouble,  then we had two At Sea days so not much to tell.  There is always eating.



Tiny room.   Teri and willie have a handicap room with more space. 

Nothing to see but the sea.  Especially when it splashed on our little porthole down here on deck 4.  But we have more stability than the rich folks up on deck 12.

Mexican train in the chapel.  It might be a sin..

Through the Straits of Magellan where the Pacific becomes the Atlantic.   I didn't see the line.

Magellan and his mermaid.

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